Governor Committees and Responsibilities

ALL governors are responsible for the 3 core functions which are:

To help set the strategic direction of the school.
To hold the Head Teacher to account for the performance of pupils.
To ensure financial probity and prudent use of public money

Finance, Staffing and Salaries
(Includes Performance Management* and Staff Dismissal*)
Gareth Churcher
Graham Boulton
Father Brian
Jacqui Scarborough*

*Mrs Scarborough is unable to sit on sub-committees

Teaching, Learning, Welfare and Admissions
(Includes Admissions, Staff Dismissal Appeals, Performance Management and Pupil Discipline)
Father Brian
Tony Schorah
Jacqui Scarborough
Sarah Slater

Buildings, Health and Safety
Tony Schorah
Jacqui Scarborough
Sue Marshall

Grievance Committee for Performance Management
Tony Schorah
Graham Boulton

Headteacher Performance Mananagement (once a year)
Father Brian
Tony Schorah
Sarah Slater

Specific Responsibilities

Child Protection and Safeguarding Gareth Churcher                                        
Children in care Jacqui Scarborough/ Sarah Slater
Development Governor Tony Schorah 
Confidential Reporting Tony Schorah  
Attendance and Behaviour Sarah Slater
SEND Sarah Slater
Support Governor Non-Teaching Staff Tony Schorah
Health and Safety/Premises Sue Marshall
Race Equality Sarah Slater
School Council Sarah Slater
Early Years
CPD Tony Schorah
Data Sarah Slater
Financial Reporting Graham Boulton

Performance Management Review


Tony Schorah 
Pupil Premium
School Development Plan                           Tony Schorah

Subject Governors

Mathematics     Graham Boulton                 
Computing & Online-Safety Tony Schorah
Sports Father Brian
RE Father Brian


Class Link Governors

Class 1 Graham Boulton
Class 2  Sue Marshall
Class 3 Father Brian
Class 4 Tony Schorah
Class 5 Sarah Slater
Class 6 Gareth Churcher

Four Key OFSTED Areas

Outcomes for Children Tony Schorah                                                  
Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Sarah Slater
Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Sarah Slater
Leadership & Management Tony Schorah